Agorà Network brings together independent Italian companies, which are leaders at a regional and multi-regional level, in the area of distribution.

The private nature of ownership, strong roots and leadership in the market, innovative sales outlets with quality objectives for the customer, the capacity for innovation: these are the elements of affinity and background common to the companies participating in the network.

The design on which the union is based is to match the local force of individual companies to the collective strength of the network in the implementation of programs and investments that require larger and broader expertise, thus responding to the needs of economies of scale, synergies and long-term planning.

The network is engaged in the promotion and integration of the individual members’ expertise so that everyone can benefit from the common heritage; managing the purchasing and logistics activities of the “grocery” world, promoting the marketing of buying goods and services, channeling technology investments in order to implement innovative projects and to optimize the development of the distribution chain.

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