ESD ITALY is a Central Purchase and Marketing group that negotiates, in the name and on behalf of its shareholders (Group Members) and other enterprises related to Groups Members (Principal Firms), annual supply contracts with industries producing consumer goods, which are relevant in the national territory.

ESD ITALY sets itself as a leading partner in the production world thanks to its reliability and to that of the Groups and Company Partners and Principals. Its potential is expressed in the relevant purchase turnovers to partner companies, in its market share and in the quality sales network, which guarantees a distribution of adequate territorial coverage.

ESD ITALY signs annual agreements with affiliate suppliers, the terms of which do not provide additional levels of negotiation and guarantee, therefore, the maximum efficiencies arising from joint bargaining. More advanced trading logic is pursued, supported by objective assessments and market data, geared to the creation of real value for both parties.

ESD ITALY is democratic alliance, where all the Group members participate in community life and contribute actively at every level of decision-making which is required by governance. It guarantees the autonomy of their members as well as the taking of commercial decisions.

The operation of ESD ITALY, since its foundation in 2001, keeps the incentive of its members to compete intact, ensuring the transfer to the end consumers of those cost savings achieved through negotiated joint purchasing conditions. The chains which are members of ESD ITALY are independent and often competing with each other in local sales-markets, each with their own insignia and through independently determined trade policies, promotions and prices.

Members of ESD ITALY are: Acqua e Sapone, Agora Network, Aspiag Service, Selex Gruppo Commerciale and Sun.