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Indipendent distributors of quality

ESD ITALY is a Central Purchase and Marketing group that negotiates, in the name and on behalf of its shareholders (Group Members) and other enterprises related to Groups Members (Principal Firms), annual supply contracts with industries producing consumer goods, which are relevant in the national territory.

ESD ITALY sets itself as a leading partner in the production world thanks to its reliability and to that of the Groups and Company Partners and Principals. Its potential is expressed in the relevant purchase turnovers to partner companies, in its market share and in the quality sales network, which guarantees a distribution of adequate territorial coverage.

ESD ITALY signs annual agreements with affiliate suppliers, the terms of which do not provide additional levels of negotiation and guarantee, therefore, the maximum efficiencies arising from joint bargaining.

ESD ITALY is democratic alliance, where all the Group members participate in community life and contribute actively at every level of decision-making which is required by governance. It guarantees the autonomy of their members as well as the taking of commercial decisions.

The operation of ESD ITALY, since its foundation in 2001, keeps the incentive of its members to compete intact, ensuring the transfer to the end consumers of those cost savings achieved through negotiated joint purchasing conditions. The chains which are members of ESD ITALY are independent and often competing with each other in local sales-markets, each with their own insignia and through independently determined trade policies, promotions and prices.

It pursues ever more evolved negotiation logic, supported by objective assessments and market data, oriented towards the creation of real value for both parties.


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Acqua & Sapone

On the market since 1992, Acqua & Sapone is now the largest beauty and hygiene chain.

With a network of stores spread across the country thanks to the expertise and deep industry knowledge, Acqua & Sapone is constantly growing and in continuous renewal. Always at the forefront, it offers the largest variety of products, expertise and convenience in a new, modern and welcoming atmosphere.

All outlets are designed to provide a dynamic yet harmonious and spacious itinerary. Thanks to the visibility of the products displayed, the staff that are ready to help in case of need or simply to give advice, shopping will be much easier and more relaxing.





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Agorà Network

Agorà Network brings together independent Italian companies, which are leaders at a regional and multi-regional level, in the area of distribution.

The private nature of ownership, strong roots and leadership in the market, innovative sales outlets with quality objectives for the customer, the capacity for innovation: these are the elements of affinity and background common to the companies participating in the network.

The design on which the union is based is to match the local force of individual companies to the collective strength of the network in the implementation of programs and investments that require larger and broader expertise, thus responding to the needs of economies of scale, synergies and long-term planning.

The network is engaged in the promotion and integration of the individual members’ expertise so that everyone can benefit from the common heritage; managing the purchasing and logistics activities of the “grocery” world, promoting the marketing of buying goods and services, channeling technology investments in order to implement innovative projects and to optimize the development of the distribution chain.





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Aspiag Service

Aspiag Service, the dealership for the Despar brand in Northeastern Italy, is part of the international Group SPAR Austria.

The area of expertise of Aspiag Service includes the regions of Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Trentino Alto Adige and the provinces of Bologna, Ferrara, Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena, Ravenna and Mantova.

Founded by Aspiag Management AG (a Spar Austria Group company) in 1991, Aspiag Service works through its three distribution centers (Ce.di) of Bolzano, Udine and Mestrino (PD), which heads all sales outlets, both direct and affiliates.

The Mestrino Center, not far from Padova, acts as the directive center , managing and administrating all activities of the group and at the same time, the basic operation of the distribution center Ce.di whose competence areas are Veneto and Emilia Romagna.





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The Selex Commercial Group, is a reality made up of independent Italian Companies of wholesale and modern retail, gathered in a Central Purchasing Group.

The commercial network is made up of stores (from hypermarkets to small supermarkets) located throughout the country, with national brands such as Famila, A&O and C + C, and very strong brands at regional level.

The strength of the group is in the stability and harmony in which their Associated Companies are operating. Reaching common goals, sharing the same values with great respect for each other, is the main principle for a solid and highly competitive organisation.





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